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Two men standing on skis

Snowsports School

Learn how & improve how to ski and snowboard at the Peak

Peek’n Peak has been transforming guests into Winter Sports Enthusiasts for decades! Generations of skiers and snowboarders have grown up on the slopes of The Peak, including several professionals and Olympians. At our Snow Sports School, guests are guided along a learning program that celebrates fun & builds confidence through an easy five-step learning program.

After mastering the beginner area, you’ll graduate to the slopes. Peek’n Peak’s unique geography allows skiers and snowboarders to master their technique with less intimidating elevation and shorter runs that grant you the opportunity to ride a variety of slopes dozens of times.

Schedule a lesson by calling the Snowsports Desk at 716-355-4141 x7350.

Daytime Lessons are available Friday through Monday and on Holidays. Evening Lessons are offered Daily.

Weekdays: 10am – 6pm
Weekends: 9am – 6pm

Two men standing on skis
Child getting instructed by guy on skis

build your confidence in our fun & forgiving beginner area

Our Beginner Area has been designed to build your confidence while you learn to slide on snow through five areas which focus on specific techniques of snowboarding and skiing. If you sign up for a lesson through our Snow Sports School, you will have a friendly and supportive instructor by your side the entire time.

Each element of the Beginner Area is carefully designed with groomed snow surfaces that are shaped into an ideal sliding surface. Our beginner hill, for example, has a slightly curve. As you approach the sides of the slope, the banked edges will help to slow you down, assisting you in making a turn and then guide you back towards the center of the hill.


Our primary goal at the Snow Sports School is to ensure that every guest has a fun, memorable experience in an environment that is safe and forgiving. We hope you’ll discover a passion for skiing or snowboard which will last a lifetime.
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Learning to Ski is Easy

Whether its learning to Ski or Snowboard, we have easy to learn programs.

Step 1 – The Starting Line

At The Starting Line, you’ll meet your instructor and fellow lesson participants. You’ll get familiar with your equipment, learning the design of your equipment and how to use the equipment’s features. You’ll also warm up with some light stretches and activities that teach you the basic motions you’ll need during your time on the snow. 

Step 2 – THE MINI Pipe

At the Mini Pipe, you’ll get comfortable with sliding on the snow. With your instructor at your side, you’ll begin by sliding into the mini pipe, coming to a gradual stop after just a few feet. Once you feel balanced and comfortable with sliding on the equipment, you’ll learn how to shift your weight to one foot and begin a turn. 


At the Speed Bumps, you’ll experience the thrill of gravity as you slide down a slope while some gently sloped bumps to prevent you from picking up too much speed. After a few runs down the Speed Bumps, you’ll move to the Banked Curves where you will learn to control your path down the hill.

Step 4 – The Banked CURVES

At the Banked Curves, you’ll focus on your ability to turn on your skis or snowboard. As you slide through the Banked Curves, the shape of the snow will assist you in making the perfect turns and guide you back to your perfect path.

Step 5 – The Perfect Slope

You’ve made it to the final step, The Perfect Slope! Here, you will combine all of the techniques you’ve learned and slide down a slope for the first time. This particular slope has a few features to help you along, including a very gradual descent and a shaped snow surface that will assist your turns and keep you on a centered path down the hill. You’ll also have the opportunity to ride a chairlift for the first time. Nervous? Don’t be! Your instructor will be beside you throughout the experience.

Ready for More?

Welcome to the club! Skiing and snowboarding can offer you a lifetime of fun and memories. Our professional,dedicated instructors are waiting to assist you on your snow sliding journey. Congratulations!

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Adult Lessons

Our group lessons are great for refining your skills

Our professional group of instructors at the Peek’n Peak Snow Sports School are dedicated to teaching you the key skills to skiing or snowboarding, for every ability level! Our staff is available to help guide you to the most suitable programs to improve your technique and tactics, and empower you to gain confidence on the mountain. As a first timer to the sport, we offer our five-step learning program, which aims to convert newbies to life-long enthusiasts in five simple steps of learning! Our commitment is to provide you a fun experience with quality instruction to take your on-the-snow experience to the next level!

MONDAY – THURSDAY: Please call ahead to schedule a Lesson with our Snow Sports desk: 716-355-4141 x7350

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Groups & Evening Lessons

Want to get better at Skiing & Snowboarding?

Group & Evening Lesson Details

Our group lessons is a great for refining your skills whether you are taking the next step to start learning turns down the easy green slopes or carving down black diamonds. Our instructors will assess your ability and get you in a group of individuals working who are on the same tasks.

  • Group Lessons offered daily at 10:30AM, 1:30PM & 3:30PM
  • Evening Lessons offered daily at 4:30PM, 5:30PM & 6:30PM
  • For skiers & riders any level ages 12+
  • 1-hour group lesson (grouped by ability and age)


Having fun with your instructor?
Extend your lesson for one additional hour for $20!

Group & Evening Lessons

1-Hour Group Lesson$35
1-hour Evening Group Lesson$25
Girl getting instruction how to ski by man

Private Lessons

A great option for one-on-one instruction

Private Lessons

One Hour$80
Each additional person$40
Two Hour$150
Each additional person$75
Three Hour$210
Each additional person$105
Six Hour$360
Each additional person$180

A great option for one-on-one instruction from one of our instructors. Choosing a private lesson guarantees individual attention for just you, or your group.

  • 1 Hour instruction in a 1-on-1 student ratio
  • Lesson does not include a lift ticket or rentals
  • Reservations recommended
  • Know an instructor? Feel free to request that instructor based on their availability


Reservations are recommended, please call 716-355-4141 ext. 7350.

Girl getting instruction how to ski by man
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Lesson Packages

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