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Season Passes

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Pick the pass that fits you & your family’s lifestyle.

Have unlimited access with the Infinity Pass or ski every day of the season with our best-seller, the Edge Pass! With Peek’n Peak Season Passes, you also can add reloadable resort cash right to your season pass card, plus select season pass types receive awesome perks throughout the year!

As always, we are strongly encouraging the purchase of Season Pass Insurance ($25), which protects your investment in the event of sickness, injury, or other valid reasons.

Just choose from a pass below, complete the online registration, and select full payment or payment plan*. You can pick up your 2021-2022 Season Pass in the Annex Office at Peek’n Peak. 

Be sure to include your favorite email address in your registration to receive future emails regarding your Season Pass Perks.

*Payment plan available October 1, 2021. Questions? Please call (716) 355-4141 ext. 7316


The Spring 2021 Pass Sale has ended.

Season Passes will be available for purchase again in the Fall.

three guys on chairlift in winter
21-22 Peek'n PeakSeason Passes
Peak Season Pass_INFINITY 1920
All Day / Everyday
Peak Season Pass_EDGE 1920

All Day / Mon-Fri
After 3pm / Sat- Sun

Peak Season Pass_WKD 1920
All Day / Mon-Fri
Peak Season Pass_OAW 1920
Once A Week

Season Pass Spring Sale

(Ends April 30)
Infinity Pass6-18ALL DAY / EVERY DAY$339
Infinity Pass19-29ALL DAY / EVERY DAY$379
Infinity Pass30-64ALL DAY / EVERY DAY$499
Infinity Pass65+ALL DAY / EVERY DAY$339
Edge Pass6-18ALL DAY / MON-FRI
Edge Pass19-64ALL DAY / MON-FRI
Edge Pass65+ALL DAY / MON-FRI

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so awesome about a Peek’n Peak Season Pass?

Options! Select the season pass that fits your lifestyle. You also have the flexibility of a monthly payment plan, reloadable resort cash right to your season pass card and awesome perks available!

Where can I buy a season pass?

Peek’n Peak Resort season passes can be purchased online or at Peek’n Peak Resort in the Annex Office Guest Services.

Can all passes be purchased online?

The Once-A-Week Pass can only be purchased at Peek’n Peak Resort and is not available to purchase online. All other season passes are available online.

What is the season pass structure?

EDGE PASS: ALL AGES, Any time Mon-Fri & After 3 PM Sat & Sun

INFINITY PASS: ALL AGES, No Blackout dates

WEEKDAY: ALL AGES, Mondays – Fridays Only

ONCE-A-WEEK: AGES 5+, Pick Your Day Weekday or Weekend Option

What are your age categories and how is age determined when purchasing a pass?

Ages are determined based on the age at the time of purchase.

Junior: 6-18

Young Adult: 19-29

Adult: 30-64

Senior: 65+

Are there any blackout dates on the passes?

That depends on the pass you purchase but for the most part no! Please see below.

INFINITY PASS: No blackout dates

EDGE PASS: Any time Mon-Fri & After 3 PM Sat & Sun

WEEKDAY PASS: No blackout dates

ONCE-A-WEEK: Valid the selected day of pass. BONUS! Unlimited Skiing/Riding Opening – Dec. 24 & Mar. 1 – Close

Do you offer a college pass?

We do not offer a college pass, but offer passes for ages 19-29, regardless of student status.

I purchased online, where do I get my pass?

Once purchased, you can pick up your season pass at the Peek’n Peak Annex Office Guest Services. Once-A-Week passes can be picked up at the Snowsports Desk.

I purchased a Season Pass but would like to upgrade it to a different pass. Am I able to?

YES. Simply bring your pass to Annex Office Guest Services and we will happily exchange your pass. All you need to do is pay the difference.

Can I upgrade a lift ticket I purchased towards a season pass?

Yes. Simply bring your Lift Ticket to the Annex Office Guest Services and we will happily upgrade your purchase to a Season Pass! All you need to do is pay the difference. Valid on Lift Ticket date of purchase only, past purchases are not eligible for upgrades.

What is reloadable Resort Cash?

You can load money on your season pass and use it just like cash at Peek’n Peak Resort! Be sure to have your card handy-you will need the number. You can also check your balance online and add more money at the Resort. You must have your card with you at the Resort to use your Resort Cash. Valid at most terminals at Peek’n Peak Resort. Daily spending limits can be set (parents take note!) Add money at any time at Peek’n Peak Resort or online!

Why is Resort Cash better than cash?

It’s a secure way to be sure that you and your family always have money for food, incidentals…whatever you need while at the resort. It’s a great way to be sure that your children have money for dinner on school ski club nights!

What if I don’t use it all by the end of the season?

The balance will carry over to next year’s pass or card. If you don’t have a pass or card next year, your current card will continue to work for Resort Cash until the balance is zero. If you lose your card your old card will be blocked and the balance will be available on your new card. Keep track of your card! We cannot be responsible if you lose your card and someone spends your Resort Cash!

Do you receive any benefits or perks for purchasing a season pass this year?

YES! Peek’n Peak Resort will load offers and promotions throughout the season directly to your season pass. Be sure to check your email, join our Season Passholder Group on Facebook, or check the digital displays across the resort to see what is being offered! Be sure to save your season pass after the season to enjoy other season activities and perks during the summer months!

What are your pass purchase deadlines?

2021/22 Season Passes can be purchased at the 20/21 season rate through April 30, 2021. After that, passes will become available during our Fall Season Pass Sale at the new sale rate and will remain available for purchase during the season at an in-season rate.

I heard of a pass holder who loaned his pass to a friend and got caught. What happens in a situation like that?

Passes are not transferrable. This would be considered theft of services. The person who loaned the pass will lose all pass privileges. The person using the pass will pay an administrative fee and the cost of a lift ticket that day. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PASS AT ALL TIMES!

What is Season Pass Insurance?

Season Pass Insurance is highly recommended – it is only $25 per person and protects your investment in a Season Pass. If you cannot ski or snowboard because of injury, sickness or other valid reason, you will receive a prorated credit for use towards your 2021/22 Season Pass or a gift card. Insurance MUST be purchased before receiving your season pass.

What would happen if we are unable to ski or ride due to the pandemic?

Peek’n Peak Resort is standing alongside the Nation Ski Areas Association to send the clear message that resorts like ours can offer low-risk outdoor recreation activities. We strongly believe that Skiing & Snowboard has a list of advantages including the wide-open spaces, natural outdoor environment, standard gear that includes face coverings and gloves, and long-standing etiquette rules that require space between skiers and riders.

In the event of a government-ordered shutdown of the skiing/snowboard trails and lifts by New York State in excess of 14 days, we will issue a prorated credit for use towards your 2021/22 Season Pass purchase based on the length of the closure in excess of 14 days, which occurs during our primary winter season (December 25 – February 28).

If Peek’n Peak’s skiing/snowboarding trails and lifts are closed by a government mandate for more than 14 days during the dates of December 25, 2020 to February 28, 2021, Peek’n Peak will offer a credit towards 2021/22 Season Passes equal to 1.5% of your 2020/21 Season Pass Purchase per day, after the 14th day.

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