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Our 4 progressive terrain parks are designed to challenge skiers and riders of all skill levels. After getting started at the 180 park, beginners can transition to the more exciting, intermediate 360 park. The brand new Boardercross course at the 540 park will prove challenging for even the most advanced enthusiasts. Rail Jams and Freestyle Competitions are held throughout the season.

terrain park 180 logo

Beginner park featuring ride on boxes and rails. Features are low to the ground with very little consequences. Gives everyone an opportunity to get a feeling for park features and help them progress from a beginner level.

terrain park 360 logo

Medium/Large park loaded with jumps, rails, and boxes spread out under Chair 1 & 2. Open trail with multiple choices of features that vary in difficulty. Mixture of jumps and features gives you the best of both worlds in one run.

terrain park 540 logo

Check out the new Boardercross course at the 540 park!  With varied terrain, challenging turns, berms, bumps and jumps, this park is an absolute blast! 

Testimonials of the BoarderCross Course:

“Better than I could have imagined!! Run after run, so awesome!!!” - Angela P.  

 “Love it!! We were there Saturday and we loved it. Great Conditions too.” – Carrie M.

“Aced it! It's awesome!” – Todd G.

“It's a great course, one of my favorite runs anywhere” – Gary W

Boardercross/540 Park Map:

image of boarder cross trail layoutterrain park 720 logo

The challenging 720 park includes rails, boxes, jumps, wall rides and more!

New addition to the Terrain Parks. Big, floaty jumps that send you into a soft, safe landing. Skiers and riders of all ages and abilities are welcome. Practice anything from straight airs to double flips like a pro. Perfect way to practice your tricks without the consequences when you don’t have it quite right.

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    Every Saturday night in the Regency Pub! Check out the live music schedule on the event calendar.

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