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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Fri, May 3

Join us for a fantastic dinner accompanied by an interactive performance. Help solve the crime! Two bone chilling shows to choose from! 


Friday, May 3rd @ 6:30 in the Retreat:
Magic Mayhem 'Abra Cadaver - You're Dead!'

Only the best Magicians and their assistants gather each year at the Wonderful World of Wizards - WWOW!  This year's Magic the Gathering promises to be full of new magical illusions and tricks of the trade.  But there's danger involved with so many rabbits in so many hats!  The illusion of a happy consortium of performers will be shattered when the trick is revealed and it turns out to be MURDER! Pull out your magic wands and see if you can conjure up the truth behind the acts of deception!  It's an evening of amazing misdirection and hilarious fun!

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