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Massage Therapy

Please call to book your appointment: (716) 355-4141 ext. 7148
Advanced reservations are strongly recommended. Couple’s treatments available.

Swedish Massage
This traditional relaxation massage therapy incorporates regulated pressure and long flowing movements to effectively ease and soothe tired muscles.
Treatment Time: 50 Minutes ~ $90
Treatment Time: 80 Minutes ~ $135

Therapeutic Massage
A restorative massage therapy with firm pressure designed to release tension in the body by targeting tight muscles. Provides relief in all areas specified to the therapist while still enjoying a full body massage.
Treatment Time: 50 Minutes ~ $95
Treatment Time: 80 Minutes ~ $140

Deep Tissue Massage
Stimulate and invigorate your muscles with this deep body massage therapy designed to release tight, fatigued muscles and joints. This treatment involves deep tissue techniques to manipulate, ease and open tight muscle tissues and disperse toxins.
Treatment Time: 50 Minutes ~ $95
Treatment Time: 80 Minutes ~ $140

Sports Massage
Whether your sport is golf, skiing or snowboarding, this combination of massage therapy and stretching techniques help reduce tension, increase range of motion and improve circulation. Great before or after any sports activity.
Treatment Time: 50 Minutes ~ $95
Treatment Time: 80 Minutes ~ $140

Pre-Natal Massage
This gentle and soothing massage is ideal for women in their second or third trimester. Let our highly trained staff pamper you and leave you feeling rested and renewed.
Treatment Time: 50 Minutes ~ $100

Signature Hot Stone Massage
This full body massage incorporates hot stones, hot steaming towels and therapeutic massage to ensure complete relaxation and grounding. Warm botanical oils are drizzled down the spine and legs to transport you into an ultimate state of being.
Treatment Time: 80 Minutes ~ $185

Stress Reducer Massage
Reduce feelings of tension wth an aromaththerapy stress blend that is incorporated throughout this treatment. A combination of acupressure points, foot reflexology, deep tissue, and Swedish massage are used to calm and sooth your tired body.  
Treatment Time: 50 Minutes ~ $100
Treatment Time: 80 Minutes ~ $145

Massage Duet
Enjoy any of our massages side by side in one of our Signature Couples Treatment Rooms.  Ask for more details.

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