Peek'N Peak


Ski Patroller Open House

Sun, February 12

Ski Patrol Demo & Open House


Have you ever thought about becoming a volunteer Ski Patroller at Peekn’ Peak?


If so, join us on January 21 or February 12 to experience what is like to be a ski patroller.  Meet promptly at 1 p.m. at the Main Ski Patrol lodge.   Come prepared to be part of our “day in the office” where we do our best work and ski or board along side us to fully experience what Ski Patrol does. A ticket or pass is required to ride the lifts.


Do you like helping others out in their time of need?


Do you enjoy being outdoors or have you ever dreamed about having your “office” outside to enjoy the elements at their fullest.


Do you like to challenge yourself to become better at what you do or learn new skills?


Here is the best part of our day at work: to be the first to ski or snowboard a brand new ski trail and be the last off at the end of the day.  Sound exhilarating?


On either day, we will show you what a ski patroller’s life is like on the slopes of Peek’n Peak. You will see what it is like to care for someone who is injured and how the patrol will transport them from the trail into the first aid room to further evaluate their injuries.


At the end of our demo, we will discuss the training program to prepare you to become a Ski Patroller.


For further information, please contact:


Bob Frazier, Ski Patrol Director, 814-730-8886 or

Barry Stanton. New Patroller Training Chairperson, 814-460-7702


RSVP is appreciated, but not required for attendance.



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