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Daily Prices:
Up to 3-Hour Climb 
on Adventure Course
(Min. 50 lbs) 
Giant Dual Ziplines
(Min. 60 lbs)
(3 Hour Climb & Zipline)
Adult: $48 $29 $66
(Ages 7-11)
$39 $29 $56
(Ages 5-6)
$12 $29 $29
Group Rate
(15+ people):
$39 $25


Active Military Discount:
Receive $5 off an Aerial Adventure Climb. Valid up to 3 people. Must show Military ID at purchase. 

Additional Activities:

Miniature Golf   Segway 
30 minute Try Me
1 hour tour
Chairlift Ride Driving Range Practice Balls
All Ages:


$22 $45 $6 $7
Group Rate
(15+ people):
$5 - $38


The Adventure Course is fun for all ages!  Below are a few of the guidelines and safety reminders to ensure that you and your group have the most enjoyable time on the course!

Supervision Guidelines:
Ages: Purple
(1 Course - Easiest)
(1 Course -
Very Easy) 
(2 Courses - Easy) 
(2 Courses - Challenging) 
(1 Course - Difficult)
Double Black
(1 Course - Expert)      
5 - 6 w/ Adult - - - - -
7 - 9 Supervised Supervised w/ Adult - - -
10 - 11 Supervised Supervised Supervised w/ Adult - -
12 - 13 Supervised Supervised Supervised Supervised w/ Adult -
14 - 15 Solo Solo Solo Solo Solo -
16+ Solo Solo Solo Solo Solo Solo

"Supervised":  An adult (18 +) must supervise from the ground below the course.  No ticket required.

"w/ Adult": An adult (18+) must have a ticket and accompany children on the course.

While using the course you must :

  • Wear closed toe shoes or sneakers.  NO sandals or flip-flops.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation time in order pay, sign waiver forms and get outfitted in your harnesses
  • Complete a brief safety training course led by our professional climbing staff prior to entering the Aerial Adventure Course.
  • Use all equipment safely and as directed.
  • Always have at least one carabineer attached to a marked attachement point.
  • Start with a yellow or green ropes course.  A blue course must be completed before going on any black course.
  • Never use an element when another person is on it - one person at a time.
  • Never have more than 3 people on a platform.
  • Complete the course you are on before moving to another course.
  • Weigh less than 265 lbs.
  • Never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not use any ropes course with loose hair, clothing or objects that can get caught in the ropes or zip lines.
  • Do not smoke in the park.
  • Carry out all objects that you bring into the park, including trash.
  • Obey instructions given by Park Monitors.

Please do not carry phones, cameras or any other objects that may fall or distract you or others.

All participants must sign a waiver form.  If the participant is a minor (under 18 years of age),  a parent or legal guardian, age 18 or older, must sign the waiver.  Get ready for your adventure by reviewing, printing and signing the waiver form before you arrive at the park.

Participant Waiver Form

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